Kayla Cloonan was born and raised in South Florida with a varying history of creative study including orchestral music, creative writing, film photography, mixed media, painting, installation and performance art. Received a B.F.A. in Painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design in GA. Kayla lived and worked in Los Angeles, CA for seven years after graduation, presenting in a myriad of group shows as an artist, curator and collaborator in a variety of alternative and established spaces. A member of the LA Art Association, Kayla has shown paintings, video installation and performance at Gallery 825 in West Hollywood. In May 2019, Kayla completed their first artist residency at Shoebox Projects in downtown Los Angeles, culminating three weeks of work in the space with a visual over-load of experimental mixed-media works and a powerfully personal performance piece entitled “Affection as Torture”. Kayla has now taken the studio on the road in van-life, traveling the country and working as a full-time artist.

Artist Statement

I am a compilation of knowledge, experiences and beliefs being constantly broken up and rearranged throughout life’s unexpected turns. Everything that is now is what is past accumulated. A visual exploration of moments from my life, manifested through a visceral exploration of surface and material. The work explores the rhythm of my body moving in space, flailing in frustration, searching for meaning in past memories; information fragmented and compiled from the past to inform the present and fantasize of the future. The sensation of being in my body, of feeling the weight of existence on my chest. The beautiful chaos of it all: analyzed, deconstructed, reconsidered. A fascination with human inconsistencies and peripheral remnants of materials, marks and stains carrying bits of unspoken stories. Material has meaning. It is a constant discourse between happenstance and refinement. An intimate turmoil manifesting itself in many forms from painting to performance.


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