Current Online Shows

“Call & Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 8” at Shoebox PR – Ongoing “Call & Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 7” at Shoebox PR – Ongoing “Call & Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 6” at Shoebox PR – Ongoing “Call & Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 5” at Shoebox PR -… Continue reading Current Online Shows

Past Online Shows

Make Plain at Gallery 825 – October 1-16, 2020 Markings Number Two, digital photography, 2020 Words on Printed Page at Gallery 825 – September 13-30, 2020 Non sequitur at Gallery 825 – Aug 29-Sept 12, 2020 An Eye for An Eye, digital collage, 2020 Exalted One at Gallery 825 – August 12-28, 2020 Waiting for… Continue reading Past Online Shows

Upcoming Shows & Performances

Seeing Red: A Performance – Potluck and Live Performance Show – Friday, Feb 21st at 7:30pm – INVITE ONLY event hosted by Live Laugh Loft. Email me if interested in receiving address: _____________________________________________________________________________ Art + Video, a group exhibition curated by K. Ryan Henisey at Tag Gallery Opening Reception Saturday, Feb 22nd 5-8pm FREE… Continue reading Upcoming Shows & Performances

2020 Year Long Project [Working Title]

The 2020 Year Long Project [Working Title] is a 366 day endeavor that involves writing, drawing, painting, poetry and photography – a compilation of life in it’s minutia – a daily muse of present focus – a divergence from perfection – an allowance of full exploration in five major parts: #1 PHOTOGRAPHS: Working with my… Continue reading 2020 Year Long Project [Working Title]

Upcoming Shows & Performances

“AT LAST, ABSTRACT” presented by LA UP Gallery Reception & Artist Talk: January 11th at Monopole Wine Pasadena ______________________________________________________________________________ Diversity Walks & Talks: Collaborative Performance by Miss Art World February 8th at the LA Art Show

Artist In Residence | Solo Show “Peripheral Nerve”

Reception – Saturday, May 25th from 3-6pm Shoebox Projects 660 South Avenue 21 #3 LA Ca 90031 Live Performance @4:30pm Memory. Loss. Trauma. Pain. Love. Anger. Thrill. Anxiety. Obsession. Seeking Connectivity. Constructing Consciousness. I am a compilation of knowledge, experiences and beliefs being constantly broken up and rearranged throughout life’s unexpected turns. Everything that is… Continue reading Artist In Residence | Solo Show “Peripheral Nerve”

Live Painting at One Santa Fe Art Walk

Excited for my next live painting event! I will be dancing around and making an abstract expressionist mess over at One Santa Fe in downtown Los Angeles this coming Saturday, April 6th from 12-5pm. ~ Come experience live art, live music,  food and shops ~    

Artist Journal #39

4/20/18 They are like garments. They are like ghosts. They are like figures. They hang; they pull. They inform. They skew. 4/23/18 Repetition is the monster. Style is the box. Series is the limitation – the boundaries – the empty hole cascading into nothing. Titling is the definition. Completion is the destination. No destinations –… Continue reading Artist Journal #39

Artist Journal #38

4/7/18 I think the issue I’m running into is not so much fabrication as it is presentation. Dirty inside clean. Chaos inside precision. Energy under control. Maybe focusing less on ‘tightening’ or responding to the initial image with refining layers, but instead letting the refinement happen in the presentation – the hanging, isolating apparatus. A… Continue reading Artist Journal #38